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Last updated : 13 FEBRUARY 2019

SACEM (the Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers) is a Collective Management Organisation, subject to a strict legal framework as provided for by Articles L. 321-1 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code (hereinafter the "IPC"). In keeping with these regulations, SACEM implements rules of transparency, ethics and good governance.

SACEM is a non-profit, non-trading entity, incorporated as a civil-law company, whose principle task is to collect authors' rights and distribute them to its members.

This website, which is the property of SACEM, was designed both to meet the expectations of its members and clients by providing them with services to facilitate the collection and distribution of authors' rights, and to educate the public about the rights of songwriters, composers and music publishers and the obligations incumbent upon music users. You hereby agree to use this website in accordance with the regulations in force, respecting public order and decency, and to comply with these terms and conditions and other specific conditions as stated on specific pages of the website (for example, in the sections reserved for members or clients).

Please read them and, as they are likely to be updated frequently, review them regularly. If you continue to use the site after any changes have been posted, the terms of use of the website will be those applicable at the time that you access the site.


All content (text, audio, images, software, logos, etc.) published on the SACEM website is protected under French law and international conventions relating to intellectual property rights.

Subject to the provisions of Articles L. 122-5, L. 211-3 and L. 342-3 of the IPC (French Intellectual Property Code), as well as the various terms and conditions of use determined by open source licences, when the contents are identified as falling within the scope of such licenses, any reproduction and/or distribution to the general public, of all or part of this content, is subject to prior authorisation being granted.

Moreover, any reproduction and/or unauthorised publication of the brands and logos on this site constitutes an infringement and the perpetrator will be liable to criminal penalties, in particular those provided for under Articles L. 335-2 and L. 343 -1 of the IPC.

Any databases that may be used by the website or any associated applications (such as the mobile phone app, which contains the SACEM catalogue) are protected by the same laws as those applicable to the protection of databases. The unauthorised reuse, duplication or extraction of data could lead to legal action being taken against you.


Personal data is information that makes it possible for you to be identified as a natural person, either directly (e.g. your surname, first name etc.), or indirectly by means of a reference number (e.g. your membership access code (COAD), your client reference numbers, etc.).

To find out how SACEM processes your personal data and how to exercise your data protection rights, please consult the Privacy and cookies policy page.

In compliance with the regulations in force, we remind you that any personal data made available on the SACEM website must not be collected and processed without the prior written consent of the person concerned. In particular, it is absolutely prohibited to collect and use this data, manually or automatically, for the sending of unsolicited marketing email.


Please be aware that when you visit the SACEM website, one or more cookies may be automatically downloaded onto your device.

For more details on the cookies on the SACEM website and what they are used for, please refer to the Privacy and cookies policy page.


To guarantee the security of the personal data contained in your password protected/members-only area, it is your responsibility to follow SACEM's recommendation (choosing a strong password, which is hard for third parties to guess or to be cracked by an automatic tool, and change it regularly), especially with regard to the uniqueness and confidentiality of your username and password.

Any activity on the SACEM website carried out using your username and password will be considered to have been carried out by you. The computer record of these activities, or their reproduction on a digital storage device or as hard-copy, shall be binding with regard to your interaction with SACEM.

In the case of any unauthorised use of your username or password, you must inform SACEM immediately Contact us

By logging into your member account, you acknowledge that you have read the conditions of access to such password protected/members-only areas and services, and accept the rules of use and evidence.


5.1 Hypertext links to the SACEM website

The creation of a hypertext link pointing to the SACEM website is the sole responsibility of the person creating the link and can in no way engage the responsibility of SACEM, which reserves the right to request the removal of these links, especially when the site hosting the link violates copyright or imputes the reputation of SACEM.

5.2 Hypertext links redirecting to other sites from the SACEM website

The website contains hypertext links to other sites that are not managed by SACEM. These websites and their content may be modified, updated or deleted at any time by the publishers of these sites, for which they have sole responsibility. SACEM cannot be held responsible for any content, advertising, products or services provided by external sites or sources accessed by hypertext link from its website.


If you are a member of SACEM, you can create a link to your personal website in this section.

SACEM reserves the right not to publish the site of any member who is not engaged in activities that concern authors, composers or music publishers, or sites that are not in line with the editorial policy of its website or that are in breach of any statutory or regulatory provision.

Apart from the checks it carries out on the nature of its members' sites it links to, SACEM cannot verify the authenticity of the information provided by advertisers. This is the sole responsibility of the users.

SACEM plays no part in the financial transactions or the delivery of the products or services offered. SACEM cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for these links.


As SACEM is a Collective Management Organisation, governed by the IPC, whose main activity is to collect copyright fees from those that use music, the term "client" should not be understood in the commercial sense of the term.

If you make use of music in the course of your activities, you must seek authorisation from SACEM.

On the basis of this authorisation, or with a view to issuing this authorisation, SACEM, in its role as data controller, processes your information for the purpose of collecting authors' rights and monitoring the client relationship (tracking authorisations, information related to your client relationships), billing, and the accounts prior to collection. The information you provide is also processed in the legitimate interest of SACEM to keep you informed of the work it is doing but also, more generally, to send you the latest news about SACEM that may be of interest to you as a client.

To find out how SACEM processes your personal data and how to exercise your data protection rights, please consult the Privacy and cookies policy page.

If you are already a client of SACEM, you can apply for a license online. To do this you should refer to the terms and conditions for online authorisation of licenses that are available in your password protected/members-only area

You can get a quote before confirming your request for a license. As long as you have not confirmed your request, which remains at the draft stage, the pricing conditions can still be modified. Please be aware that a record of the number of tariff quotations that you make is kept for six months.

You can pay the royalties due for authors' rights either at the time that the application is confirmed, by credit card or direct debit, or by sending a cheque to SACEM.

You can also pay your invoices online. To pay using our secure platform, simply log into your client account and select the invoices you wish to pay. You can pay by credit card or direct debit.

The terms of use that apply specifically to online payment transactions are those provided by SOGENACTIF. Please read them before making any payment. SACEM cannot be held responsible for any technical malfunction of SOGENACTIF.

If you are due a deduction for your membership in a professional group that has signed a memorandum of understanding with SACEM, SACEM may have to request confirmation that you are a member of this group. If you are not already a client and wish to receive information about your obligations and the steps required in your dealings with SACEM, your information will be accessed in order to respond to such requests for information and this may result, within the framework of the IPC regulations, in some of your business information being retained in order to verify whether any of the works from its repertoire have been used.

You can also enter sample data online to assess the amount of authors' rights that you would have to pay for the use of music. The information collected in this way is kept for a period of three years after SACEM's latest check has shown that you are no longer using music.


The information published on SACEM's website comes from reputable sources. However, SACEM cannot guarantee that this information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. You are solely responsible for using the information available on this site in a proper manner, applying your own judgement and common sense.

SACEM reserves the right to modify the contents of the site at any time and without prior notice.

SACEM cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from the use of the website or the total or partial unavailability of the site, due to technical maintenance or technical problems of any kind.

Furthermore, the information or documents that you may have to submit using the forms available on SACEM website, of which you should always keep a copy, must not contain any content constituting a criminal offence, which would be contrary to public order or morality, intellectual property rights or personal rights.

You must also refrain from sending any unsolicited advertising or promotional material (spamming) or any content infected with computer viruses.